When you need Nylon Jacketed Cables... Amplex can supply on short lead times!

Author: Amplex Group   Date Posted:7 March 2017 

When you need nylon jacketed cables in very short time frames, Amplex can normally supply in less than 3 weeks. That's superfast for these highly specialised cables.

The range of nylon jacketed cables from Amplex have been used extensively on many infrastructure projects across Australia, including the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal


In the northern parts of the country, termites are a significant threat to buried electrical cables.

It is not totally understood why termites eat cables, as they derive no nutritional value from cable materials, however the destruction of cable by subterranean termites has been well documented. A CSIRO study conducted in Darwin in a six year period from June 1996 resulted in the complete destruction of practically all cable samples tested, except those protected by polyamide (nylon).

Nylon resists termite destruction due to its surface hardness and smooth texture. Termites are unable to breach the nylon layer as their mandibles are unable to grip the surface or penetrate.

Because the nylon layer is thin, a sacrificial sheath of HDPE or PVC is further applied to the cable to prevent mechanical damage to the nylon sheath during installation.


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Source: CSIRO

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