Tall and Fast - Orange Enclosures 2 metres high

Usain Bolt Retires

The world is reeling at the announcement earlier this year that the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, is retiring.

The eight time Olympic gold medallist and eleven time world champion was famous for holding both the 100m and 200m world records, and for winning both the 100m and the 200m Olympic titles in 3 consecutive Olympics (2008, 2012, 2016) – the only sprinter ever to do so.

At Amplex we celebrate the great sprinter’s achievement with the announcement of a product that is also tall and fast delivered – the 2m freestanding enclosure.

Slightly taller than Usain’s 1.95m and a bit slower than his 100m record time of 9.58 seconds, the Amplex 2m freestanding enclosure is nevertheless fast, shipped overnight from our store.

View our range of freestanding enclosures here, or contact us for more information.



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