Kidston Solar Farm

Amplex earths Kidston Solar Farm

Every project manager knows time saved is money made. 

Kidston Solar Farm is a two phase project located in Northern Queensland on the site of the historical Kidston Gold Mine.

Phase One of the project at 50MW AC output is predicted to generate 145GWh of renewable electricity per year when it commences operation in early 2018.

The project consisted of 540,000 solar panels. The project team at a major engineering customer were under pressure to complete the electrical terminations in the typically abbreviated time line of a solar farm project. They reached out to Amplex to assist. 

Amplex supplied 4480 preassembled earth cables in only 5 weeks. That's 4480 pieces of flex cable, with 8960 fully approved copper lugs crimped on each end, and 8960 pieces of heat shrink applied over the lug barrels. A lot quicker and easier than doing it on site in the blazing Queensland sun.

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