X15 Orange - What is it and why specify it?

Date Posted:14 October 2019 

What is AS2700:2011?‚Äč

AS2700 is the Australian standard for colours. It consists of 206 colours for specifiers to select for industrial purposes, such as pipeline identification, line marking, and safety demarcation. The standard was orginally formulated by Dulux Colour Services laboratory in Australia in 1985, and is currently the intellectual property of SAI Global. The current iteration of the standard is AS2700:2011, and it can be purchased at the SAI webstore: https://infostore.saiglobal.com/store/.

What is X15 Orange?

X15 Orange is an AS2700 colour specifically chosen for the electrical industry in Australia; it is specified for conduits, cable trays, and other applications to ensure electrical identification. Of particular note is its use for electrical switchboards.

Why choose X15?

X15 is the colour choice for electrical switchboards, in particular mechanical services switchboards used in commercial applications. Many large institutions including universities, local councils, government departments, power networks, food retailers, etc., specify this colour by name in their technical standards. X15 is significantly different to orange colours from European colour standards such as the German RAL standard (RAL2000) and British standards BS5252 and BS381C. These can't be used alongside X15 without significant contrast immediatetly distinguishable to the eye. Consultants and contractors that approve switchboard colour alternatives to X15 risk rejection at or after installation stage, at which point compliance is significant. 

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