Orange Enclosures - the biggest range

Date Posted:7 March 2017 

Amplex currently stocks the biggest range of orange enclosures in Australia.

Our sizes start at 200x300x150mm wall mount enclosures and carry all the way through to free standing enclosures 1200mm wide and 1800mm tall.

Our range of heights features 300, 400, 600, 700, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, and 1800mm. April 2017 will see stocks of 2000mm tall enclosures arriving as well.

Wall mount enclosures can be mounted on top of each othe to create segregated assemblies. Plinth kits can be ordered separately for this application.

Form 2b segregated enclosures are also available ex-stock.

Not only is our range the largest, our enclosure's features are unmatched. For example, full metal locks that are indestructible. Super sized gland plates to help your installation crew. White mounting plates that fix easily from the front. Three point and four point locking on larger enclosures. World class IP ratings.

We supply a full range of accessories such as fans and filters, plan pockets, inner doors and keyed locks.

Why not head over to our product pages for more information. You'll find freestanding enclosures here and wall mount enclosures here.

Our representatives can visit your site or workshop to show you the quality and features in person. Contact us here.


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