Electrical Enclosures for HVAC and Mechanical Services Switchboards

Date Posted:15 January 2018 

Amplex has expanded its range of electrical enclosures again, and we now have the most comprehensive range of enclosures and accessories for HVAC and mechanical services industry.

We now stock orange enclosures in sizes from 200x300mm through to 1200x2000mm.

Our large freestanding enclosures are unique in that they are shallow at 300mm deep. This means space savings in plant rooms. 

Our wall mount enclosure sizes lend themselves to stacking on top of each other, with our 600mm width and 800mm width available in 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400mm heights. Plinths are available for this type of stacked assembly.

Our enclosures now feature side rails and door rails inside the enclosure to assist equipment mounting. Locks and hinges are full metal construction for damage reduction during shipping and usage.

Colour is orange X15 to AS2700. The range is IP66 for single doors and IP65 for double doors.

Wall mount enclosures feature oversized gland plates in the bottom for easy entry of power and control cables. Freestanding enclosures have large aluminium gland plates top and bottom, to prevent eddy current heating damage with large power cables.

In addition we stock rain hoods, fans and filters, wing handles, and inner escutcheon doors to suit the range.


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