Are all Orange Enclosures the same?

Author: Steve Nuthall   Date Posted:20 February 2017 


Are all Orange Enclosures the same? - Amplex


Many people ask us if all orange electrical enclosures are the same.


We could ask, have you ever bought a real orange that looked great on the outside but was a thorough disappointment on the inside?


The same goes for Orange Electrical Enclosures.


The engineers at Amplex have made sure you don’t have that disappointing experience when you choose an Amplex Orange Electrical Enclosure.


All the quality features you demand and expect from an electrical enclosure


1.Amplex enclosures include indestructible metal locks that won’t need replacing ever.

2.Poured polyurethane gaskets that maintain the enclosure’s tested IP66 rating. 

3.Along with that all of our enclosures feature extra large gland plates to keep you on the right side of your install team.


We stock a full range of enclosure accessories including wall mounting kits, plinths, key locks, louvres, fans, and inner doors.


The best range of sizes in Orange Electrical Enclosures

Small oranges, big oranges, and every size orange in between! The same goes for Amplex Orange Enclosures. We have a comprehensive range to sort your needs, including wall mounted and free standing.


From 200mm x 300mm right up to 1800mm x 1200mm enclosures we have most sizes in stock ready for immediate shipment so you can get right on building your panel when you need to. Out of stock sizes are mostly available on short lead times.

  1. Unbreakable metal locks
  2. Extra large gland plates
  3. Biggest range of sizes

Unbreakable Locks    Extra large gland plates 


Talk to our experienced team today to find out more. 


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